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Welcome to the second installment of our series that takes you on a guided tour of noteworthy phones – all protected by OtterBoxes, of course. If you missed last month’s profile on OtterBox founder Curt Richardson’s iPhone, make sure you check that out after you’ve read this one.

Erik Lars Myers, CEO, Certified Cicerone® and founder of Hillsborough, North Carolina’s Mystery Brewing Company, is never without his phone. This techie, social media junkie and beer lover runs his life through his mobile device. He’s also looking for an app developer who doesn’t mind being paid in beer. Any takers?

I carry a Samsung Galaxy III. It’s my always-on Twitter and Facebook device for the eight social media accounts I run. I use it to document my day, take pictures of my life and brewery, and keep track of everything that seems relevant for record keeping (or just fun) via Instagram. It allows me to access my music library on the go (thanks to Google Music), keep up on podcast (with BeyondPod)and track the weather (with Nooly, or Weather Underground). It keeps me in touch with my employees, my distributor and my wife. Oh, and I sometimes even make phone calls with it.

My phone sleeps right next to me at night. I use Sleep As Android as my primary alarm clock, which has the added bonus of telling me how far behind I am on my sleep. When I wake up, I keep my busy day organized with Calendar, but I haven’t yet found a to-do list app that beats just keeping things in my own brain.

I haven’t found a brewing app that I’ve been particularly happy with, but there are a lot of great beer-related apps that I wouldn’t want to be without. I spend a lot of time using Untappd, which is a beer and bar check-in app based on the Foursquare API. I use it to keep track of everything I’ve run into while exploring the ever-crowded beer market. BJCPDroid is a very simple app that lists all the style guidelines of the Beer Judging Certification Program, which comes in really handy while I’m judging beers or even just working on new recipes. I love the work that the good people at PintLabs are doing with PocketBeer and BreweryMap.

Because I have a background in programming, I’ve built my own web app for the brewery, which makes my phone an indispensable tool when I’m making beer. It has all my recipes, it enables me to log everything I do on a brew day so that I have accurate records, and it helps me maintain inventory. I can check kegs in and out of the brewery with it, and I can check on accounts. I’ve basically built my entire business life around a mobile device.

Now that I’ve got the main algorithms down and the data structure in place, I’d like to write an app at some point so that I can better run my brewery from a phone or a tablet, but I just don’t have the time to sit down and program the way I’d need to in order to get that kind of thing done. At the end of the day, beer is the top priority now. What I really need is a programmer that’s willing to work for free beer.


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