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If you think there’s no connection between dairy farming and mobile technology, you probably haven’t met Ray Prock.

POB-IMG-052313-INSIDE-FARMER-PHONE-1As the second generation head of Ray-Lin Dairy, a progressive dairy farm in Denair, California, this farmer is responsible for 200 acres of crops and 500 cows. Ray-Lin Dairy takes pride in treating the cows well, minimizing their impact on the environment and genuinely caring about their local and global community. Their goal is to supply safe, wholesome, healthy milk and dairy products.

Doing all this without a smartphone would be – ahem – udderly impossible (sorry about that; I won’t use that pun again).

“I need my phone to stay in touch with our team on the farm throughout the day,” Ray says.
“It keeps me from having to spend time in the office on emails, allowing me more time for other farm projects.”

Mobile Technology – An Agricultural Tool?


Ray just replaced his HTC EVO 4G LTE with a Samsung Galaxy S4, and it’s much more than just a communication device for him.

“The biggest benefit comes from apps like Dropbox and Evernote, which help me store data,” he says. “One of my responsibility areas on the dairy is animal care, and that data allows me to provide the best care possible, while also ensuring that we comply with environmental regulations. Evernote is my failsafe brain,” he laughs.

Ray also advocates and educates to increase use of social media among farmers, so you’ll find him engaging with Facebook (Android and iOS) and HootSuite via his phone.

POB-IMG-052313-INSIDE-FARMER-PHONE-3With all those uses in the tough environment of a dairy farm, Ray swears by his Commuter Series and Defender Series OtterBox cases.

“The only times I’ve broken a phone they have not had an OtterBox case on them,” he says with a blush.

Though Ray can’t live without Facebook, HootSuite and Evernote, he’s also addicted to Pulse for news and to Google Calendar (available on Android or iOS) to manage his busy schedule, which he admits he needs to work on. Ray also calls United Airlines’ app “a lifesaver.”

When he needs a little down time, though, Ray puts the phone away and enjoys time with his wife, Erica, and their two children. This keeps him grounded and reminds him what it’s all about.

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