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If you’ve ever wanted to get inside the phones of high rollers, big wigs and hot shots, this new Planet OtterBox series is your chance. Like our very own version of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” or “MTV Cribs,” these articles will give you a rich experience of how the other half lives — with their technological buddies.

To kick things off in an Otter way, we’re getting inside the phone of OtterBox founder Curt Richardson. Not surprisingly, this successful entrepreneur, philanthropist and executive is rarely without his iPhone 4S, and he couldn’t wait to show us how he uses it.

I go way back with handheld technology. I started with the old Palm Pilot. Once the phone and the PDA merged, I got into the Palm Treo, and then the Blackberry. I’ve had an iPad, an iPhone and a MacBook Air, but I’m trying to stick with just the Air and the iPhone now. To be honest, it took me a while to convert to Apple because I just loved my Blackberry, but once I got hooked on the apps, that’s what converted me.

My top five apps on my iPhone are weather, email, texting, the phone and stocks. I buy a lot of other apps that I never end up using. Mainly, I use my phone to stay connected with others and be aware of what’s going on, so email, texting, the calendar and the phone itself get quite a workout with me. I check emails and texts as soon as I wake up and right before I go to bed. I’m not one of these 24-7 guys, though. I don’t sleep with the phone next to the bed. I leave it in the closet.

Speaking of workouts, I love My Fitness Pal. I use it mostly for calorie tracking, and I’ve dropped about five pounds as a result. I just wish it could exercise for me.

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that I’m huge on organizing and to-do lists. For that task, I use To-Do Matrix. It used to be a Blackberry-only app, but now it’s on iOS too.

I use the regular old Notes program that comes with the phone for all kinds of lists – my Christmas shopping list, errands, ideas to sculpt, boats we’re refurbishing, things to do around the house, business ideas, concepts and thoughts.

My phone is a lifesaver when I’m traveling. I use Google Maps all the time to figure out where I’m going, and I use Around Me to figure out where I’m going to eat. And, I use White Noise when I need to sleep.

I’ve been traveling a lot to the British Virgin Islands, so I use NOAA Now and Hurricane HD to track hurricanes. I use Buoy Data when I’m fishing so I don’t end up caught in a storm.

A few months ago, I was down in the British Virgin Islands and a wave came over the boat. My phone was in the cup holder and got doused. It was actually pretty nice to be without a phone for a few days. As much as I love my phone, I need a break from time to time.

Of course, that was before I had the Armor Series

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