Inside the Rap Artist’s Phone: Yorrissey, BLKHRTS

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“I’m a beast with the phone. I’m so brutal.”

Mere days before we sat down to chat with Yorrissey of BLKHRTS – a rapidly rising goth rap act with a flair for theatrics – the artist broke his HTC EVO 3D while performing at the South By Southwest music festival.

Before it stopped working, Yorrissey’s phone had endured all manner of drops, cracks and indignities that come with being owned by someone who is constantly hustling between recording sessions, business meetings and interviews.

“I dropped it. I cracked the screen. I couldn’t slide to unlock it,” says Yorrissey, whose nom de rap is a tribute to his musical hero, Morrissey, front man of legendary ‘80s band the Smiths.

“It looks like I’ll be using my girlfriend’s old iPhone 3GS for now,” Yorrissey says with a twinge of sadness. We hate to say, “We told you so,” but that phone would probably still be here if it was protected by an OtterBox. But the past is the past.

The EVO certainly got a workout, but now that BLKHRTS have signed a lucrative deal with Federal Prism Records – a label founded by TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek – that old iPhone will certainly be put through its paces.

Based in Denver, Colorado, BLKHRTS – which also includes rappers King FOE and Karma – will now be touring heavily, making frequent trips to LA to work with Sitek and sign management contracts, and generally working harder than ever. Yorrissey says he couldn’t do it all without his phone.

“I do everything on it,” says the 30-year-old musician. “I’m on email constantly, but Twitter is the way I really keep in touch with the world. Twitter is like the people’s news – the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s the first place you hear about anything these days.”

But for this rising rap star, the phone isn’t just a device for keeping in touch – it’s also the primary tool for his art.

“I write all my raps in my phone,” Yorrissey explains. “It’s really dark in the recording booth, and shuffling papers don’t sound very good. I love having the words glowing on my screen.”

Since those raps are one of the keys to BLKHRTS mercurial rise, we certainly hope Yorrissey takes better care of his hand-me-down iPhone. Might we suggest a Defender Series?

Disclaimer: While OtterBox enjoyed catching up with Yorrissey of the BLCKHRTS, we realize their content may not be appropriate for all audiences. This article is not a promotion or endorsement, merely a conversation with an OtterBox fan. Enjoy their music on your own terms.

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