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We like to interact with and listen to our consumers. Recently, we’ve noticed a trend in comments and inquiries about new products. People are curious about how to make a protective smartphone case themselves. Looks like the current DIY craze has hit the protective case realm.

We’re excited to fulfill that desire for some at-home handy work with the introduction of a new line of cases we call the Maker Series. This series will truly satisfy the urge to build your own case. The first case we are releasing in this new line allows you to make your own protective case and take a more natural approach. Simply download the plans and set to work.

Applying our focus on precision design, this blueprint plan guides you through the creation of a precision smartphone case made of wood. The plan is “fool”proof and before you know it, you’ll have a case for your phone that will be the envy of all of your do-it-yourselfer friends.

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Disclaimer: OtterBox is not responsible for broken nails, nicked finger tips, sliced limbs, etc. You embark on your own Maker Series case at your own risk.


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