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New Blackberry

January 30th was a big day in history. Sure, you might have gotten to kiss Wendy Peffercorn years ago on this date, but it’s also the launch of a new generation for BlackBerry. RIM is dead and is now known as BlackBerry. With that, BlackBerry announced the all touchscreen Z10 and previewed the BlackBerry faithful lovin’ Q10, with a full keyboard. The new devices offer the newest operating system widely available in the marketplace, leaving iOS as the oldest – still kicking since 2007.

The complete rebirth of the BlackBerry smartphone is a step in the right direction for BlackBerry since the PlayBook was launched in 2011, which recently took the honor of top-selling tablet in the UK. Thankfully for the BlackBerry faithful, we are being offered a competitively designed device with a dual-core 1.5 ghz processor, LTE 4G connectivity, 8 megapixel camera and 1280 x 768 4.2″ screen with 356 ppi which means that graphics are sharp and hi-res. Historically, in BlackBerry 7 and earlier devices, the speeds and screens were behind the competitive curve and the performance pains were many, leading people to leave the platform for other devices that may not have been as robust for communication but the overall experience made up for the shortcomings.

BlackBerry has taken your work and personal life seriously. With BlackBerry Balance, you are able to separate your phone to use during work and play and keep the device feeling like two. Your IT guy will be thrilled because BlackBerry Balance will prevent you from forwarding messages from your work to your personal account and it will even prevent you from copying and pasting from your work to your personal account if IT blocks it.

If you are an international businessman like Barney Stinson , the language detecting keyboard is perfect for you. The Z10 comes with over 20 languages and will likely support more in the future. As you type, the predictive engine will adjust and provide words in the language you’re using. You can use this feature with up to three languages at once.

Another exciting design part of BlackBerry that has carried over to the new device is deep integration. This allows for applications to work across the device and be available in menus nearly anywhere on the phone. BlackBerry’s principle of being the best communication device is showcased in the value they place on messaging and speed of contact. The BlackBerry Hub, which was Messages on legacy devices, organizes your messages from Twitter, Email, Linkedin, email, texts and BBM into one location so if the notification goes off, there’s a centralized point to see the new activity.

One of my favorite features of the new Blackberry may help you in ways you haven’t imagined.  My dad, a highly educated man, is consistently telling me about technology issues he’s experiencing. “MY COPY AND PASTE IS BROKEN!” or “MY APPS DIDN’T DOWNLOAD! DID YOU DO THIS?” To keep you from having to go home or back to the office to help your co-worker fix his phone, the new BlackBerry allows for screen sharing. Sure, you can see one another like you can on Skype, FaceTime and Google Talk, but sharing your screen has historically been reserved for full time computers.

BlackBerry has started over on their offering with new devices and a shedding of some legacy tendencies that placed it out of consideration save for only the fiercest loyal followers of the brand. The renewal of the platform comes at a time where people may have tired of their iPhones or Androids and want to try something new, but familiar. It’s similar to visiting your parents in a new home you didn’t grow up in.

Do you expect to fall in love again with BlackBerry or is it too little too late?

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BlackBerry enthusiast Nan Palmero is a self-described nerd-to-English translator. A 2009 San Antonio Business Journal “40 Under 40” winner, he is a black belt in Isshinryu karate and a marathon runner. Nan’s photos have been featured by publications including The New Yorker, Popular Mechanics and Wired and he has written articles for Qualcomm and the San Antonio Business Journal. You can follow Nan’s BlackBerry commentary at

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