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As Thanksgiving comes to a close, the holiday lights start to show up, the Christmas tunes start to pop up on the radio and starting this week you’ll be able to visit your favorite brands within the WIRED Store in New York City just in time for the shopping craziness to commence.

OtterBox is happy to announce that this will be our first year as participants in this New York holiday tradition. Going along with the theme of “What’s Inside,” OtterBox has a free standing display that brings this concept to life as it relates to your mobile technology. After all, our smartphones are no longer just for calling home or text messaging. They hold our favorite recipes, family photos, playlists, travel itineraries, the list goes on, take a moment to consider “what’s inside” your device.

The flight from Denver to LaGuardia officially touches down on Wednesday and we’ll have a sneak peek into what the WIRED Store in SoHo will be like. Our event on November 29th may be invite only but we will be extending our first look to all of you as well.

We encourage you to visit and get ideas for those on your shopping list this year. You can visit online or swing by the store located at 583 Broadway (between Prince St & Houston St) open from 11am-7pm Tuesday-Sunday.

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