iOS 8.4: Big Changes to Apple’s Music App

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Apple’s latest and greatest software update arrived yesterday: the iOS 8.4, which boasts significant changes to the Music application. Fans and users of the many popular music-streaming services out there can finally have a built-in, all-encompassing music service with “Apple Music.” Here’s what you need to know:


All New Design & Interface

The Music app has a new interface and design that makes browsing and playing music easier and more fun. Now, you create personalized playlists with your own images and descriptions. And when in “Artist View”, enjoy nearly full-screen pictures of your favorite artists. The “Now Playing” screen also has a beautiful redesign showcasing album art in a stunning, yet simple display.


All Your Music in One Place.

Apple declared that “Music needed a home, so we built one.” Apple Music seamlessly combines both music you already have on your iPhone and streaming music into one place. No longer do you have to toggle between applications to get the song you want. You can also purchase music directly through Apple Music, a feature absent in many music-streaming services.

Stream from the millions of songs on iTunes, anytime and on demand. Also follow handpicked playlists and recommendations, to keep up with all that’s great and breaking in music.

P.S. Taylor Swift fans will be happy to hear that (unlike all other streaming services) her full discography is available on Apple Music.


Beats 1 Radio Station

Apple’s acquisition of Beats Audio finally bears fruit with the creation of “Beats 1 Radio” — a live radio station broadcasting DJs in major cities here and around the world. The station will air new music and content for your ears to enjoy. Radio is very much alive!


Finding New Artists is a Breeze

The second you sign up for Apple Music, the service prompts you to select genres and artists you love. Apple goes beyond just using algorithms to help you find new music — real music experts are working on the playlists as well. So sit back, pick your favs and let Apple Music do the work for you.


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