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So the next iPad is coming out soon, but when, I dare say?? None too soon — according to my wife who is upset about holding a hot-to-the-touch, old laptop on the couch, while daydreaming of surfing with Safari sans the three layers of insulation needed between her lap and the old beast. Latest rumors to satisfy my eager, device-hungry family (two-year-old included) suggest a late February announcement and Mid-March release. Come dearest new iPad 3, come!

Waiting to see what specs our friends in Cupertino actually come up with, I’m sitting here dreaming about my future, ideally-upgraded new iPad. Here’s a short list of my own hopes and dreams, and MacPhilly’s best estimates on the odds I’ll get these dreams to come true:

First off, 4G (otherwise known as LTE) still feels like it did when 3G first came out. It sounded really cool, but most areas didn’t actually get it  LTE has been around now for a couple of years, but — you guessed it — it’s still not great in most areas. That being said, if you live in a big city, it’s probably already there in some form or another. Here at the OtterBox HQ city of Fort Collins, Colo., LTE exists. Lucky us! But read a few quick stats about 3G in general and it turns out we’re among the lucky few. (And the speed difference is also huge. With 3G, it’s about 1Mb down. 4G is 5-7Mb down. You get the picture. 4G would be impressive, but only if you’re in a lucky zone.)

Odds: 90%

Second, I hope the ‘Retina Display’ rocks. If you have ever looked at pictures on a 3GS and compared the same picture to a 4 or 4S, you can’t deny the unbelievable improvement Apple has made. It’s essentially twice the number of pixels, like moving from 720p to 1080p on your big-screen TV.  Which is incredible! This would make the iPad the most amazing tablet display, yet again.

Odds: 95%

Third, I’m dreaming of multi-user support functionality. This would be sweet and would allow you to possibly log in and out, facilitating parental control on some accounts and not on others. Case-in-point: I work with a guy whose daughter racked up $2,000 in iTunes charges in just ONE weekend. OUCH! This feature would certainly help prevent that situation from ever happening again. And I might even get the privilege of taking the two-year-old’s Strawberry Shortcake app off my home screen. Ahh, to restore a sliver of manhood to my family-shared device experience… I can dream, can’t I?

Odds: 10%

Lastly, I’d LOVE a tiny little feature built in — a microSD card slot. Oh, yeah baby. Video sucks up a ton of space, and it would be really nice to just bring it with you on a card, right? Currently, you can purchase a kit that would enable importing video or pics from an SD card, but that’s about it. As a movie buff I’d love to micro-size my beloved inventory and bring it along on extended stays (which for my toddler is anything longer than a 20-minute car ride sans Strawberry Shortcake). Whatever your video needs are — wouldn’t a microSD card slot be cool?

Odds: 5%

So Apple, if you’re listening, this is my Top 4. There are probably going to be people out there who would dream about a better camera and flash (nice, but I’d probably not actually use it much) or a built-in phone (sounds good, but would be rarely used with my ever-present, OtterBox-protected iPhone) but MacPhilly’s dreaming practical here. Realistic 4G coverage, a mind-blowing Retina Display, multi-user login ability and a microSD card slot. There. I put it out there. And new specs or not: Come dear iPad 3 … come!

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