What’s coming next? Latest iPad 5 news and rumors

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Have you heard about Apple’s big announcement? Could it be the new iPad 5? Perhaps you’re excited about a iPad mini with Retina display? Whatever the announcement brings, we’ll have you covered. Learn about the new iPad rumors, be the first to hear a possible iPad 5 release date, and get excited with us as we cover all the latest news for you!

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What we know

The announcement for the new iPad devices is scheduled for October 22nd. So far, reports indicate the new fifth generation iPad will be thinner & lighter – which is consistent with most of Apple’s new iterations. We also know that rumors have been swirling around the new MIni receiving an updated retina display, similar to the iPad 4.

When will we get it

The current reports say the iPad 5 and the iPad Mini 2 should be released on or around October 30th. This would be timed between the MacBook Pro, rumored to be coming on October 24th, and the Mac Pro which is slotted for November 15th.

Latest iPad 5 rumors

iPad 4 vs. iPad 5 (Gottabemobile)
The fifth generation iPad is expected to break trends and offer up a brand new design from the iPad 4.

Apple iPad 5 release date, price and specs rumors (PC Advisor)
iPad 5 could receive some upgrades including haptic feedback and a faster processor.

Why the iPad mini 2 might get Retina; but not Touch ID (ZD Net)
While it’s likely the iPad mini 2 will receive an update screen, rumor has it that it will not receive the Touch ID feature seen in the iPhone 5s

Apple’s new iPad 5 may look a lot like iPad mini (CNBC)
The new iPad 5 may resemble the iPad mini more than its predecessor, the iPad 4


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