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Rumors continue to fly about Apple’s new smaller iPad and some of the news is not so great. The mini tablet will reportedly be so thin and light that production of the device has posed a particular challenge to Apple.

According to Apple Insider, Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo with KGI Securities said that the “iPad mini” will feature industry leading “GF Ditto,” otherwise known as GF2, touch screen technology. He said that Apple will be the first company in the world to commercialize and mass produce GF Ditto technology.

The iPad mini is said to be about as thin as Apple’s next-generation iPhone, according to Kuo. He estimates that the iPad mini’s panel thickness will be below 2.2 millimeters alone, or below 4.2 millimeters including the printed circuit board — both numbers that he said are thinner than the average tablet on the market today.

Although this sounds like a great new feature for the device, it is a great challenge for Apple in the manufacturing process, he said. The thinness of the new iPad “poses a challenge to panel assembly yield,” as well as passing the company’s “drop test” for durability.

These difficulties have caused a delay in production and release of the product but Kuo believes that the new device will be ready to hit the shelves sometime in October.

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