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After MacPhilly waxed poetic about his hopes for the iPad 3 earlier today, we rounded up this week’s rumors and have to dash his hopes on the shores of Cupertino…

This week’s news featured speculation on:

  • Release Dates: International Business Times speculates that many of those quoting a March release date may find themselves wrong. A trademark lawsuit in China may delay release until April. (I am going to have to join MacPhilly here and just say it: I can. not. wait. until April!)
  • Incremental Improvements: PC World featured an interview with Kyle Wiens of iFixit, who has been historically accurate about past Apple rumors… his predictions really speak to incremental improvements with similar form factor and improved resolution. Wiens’ speculates that we’ll be seeing an iPad 2 HD rather than an iPad 3.

I have to say, I find myself disappointed with this week’s rumors, I was hoping BGR’s predictions around a quad-core processor will prove themselves true and we would see some demonstrable improvements over the iPad 2 model. And, really, is it too much to hope that Siri would make an appearance in this device?! Instead, we have heard rumors that Siri may be coming to the iPhone 4 (in this post from phonedog).

If you have a prediction or juicy Apple rumor to share, we’d love to hear it!

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(And yes, David Carnoy, we are totally mentioning you… and posting about your post on our post. What can we say? We got game [or at least a weird sense of humor].)

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