The new iPhone 5 – Let the rumors begin!

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It’s that time again! The rumors are flying around like crazy in regards to the next version of the Apple iPhone. We will stick with the norm and offer you a weekly roundup of the latest chatter around the web. This week has brought some great content so take a look at what’s being spread around the web.

Smaller SIM card

Alleged new iPhone 5 part photos from a French website show a slightly smaller home button and a narrower SIM card tray than in the iPhone 4/4S. The possibility of a nano-SIM has surfaced previously. If true, it could make more space for a larger battery.

Back to the taller screen
One of the most popular new iPhone 5 rumors surfaced again when CNet reported that Apple has been testing a taller display for its next handset. 9to5Mac used iOS development tools to simulate a 640×1,136-pixel-resolution screen, which gave the phone five rows of icons stacked vertically above the dock, instead of the four displayed with iOS 5.

Now a 9-pin connector

We’ve already heard that Apple might shrink the iPhone’s 30-pin connector to either 19 or 8 pins, but now the possibility of a 9-pin connector is afloat. 9to5Mac says it found a code string for a 9-pin connector in the latest beta version of iOS 6. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that until Apple issues the final release of iOS 6 the company will continue to add and remove strings as it tests the operating system.

Partnering with BING

The current iPhone 5 rumors point to Apple adopting Bing as their native search engine rather than the usual Google search. This move makes sense for both parties, although I’m not sure if it will play out as intended.

No YouTube?

Lots of the chatter right now is more about what may not be in the next iPhone than what will be in it. According to some chatter there will be no pre-installed YouTube app in the next version of the operating system, according to a report at 9to5Mac  that was subsequently confirmed by the Verge.

Apple said that its license from YouTube to include the app in iOS has expired, though users can watch YouTube through the Web browser. YouTube will be developing its own app for devices running iOS 6, the company told 9to5Mac, and Engadget reported that the current YouTube app will still be available on all devices running iOS 5.

If you’d like to stay in the know on new iPhone news around the web, check back for updates on our  new iPhone rumor page.

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