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Every classroom has teachers teaching students, but the iSchool Initiative’s Digital Learning Revolution (DLR) Tour brings a new approach — students teaching teachers.

I remember sitting in class watching my teacher scribble across the white board, talking to the wall, but now the DLR Tour movement is integrating iPads into classrooms across the country to encourage students to learn in a new, revolutionized way.

The iSchool Initiative

iSchool Initiative (iSi) is in their second year, dedicated to revolutionizing the way U.S. children are learning with innovative technology. In 2013 iSi changed classroom learning for 25,000 students, teachers and administrators, and this year, they strive to change education for 40,000 more.

“This year we are dedicating the months of April and May to help district leaders build their plans for mobile integration with our District Leadership Events,” said Nikola Kolev, vice president of operations for iSi. “We spend an entire day of strategic planning with district leaders and by the end of the day, decision makers walk away with a clear picture of what it takes to go 1:1. Our partnership with OtterBox helps make these crucial planning sessions a success.”

OtterBox and DLR Tour

OtterBox is happy to provide support for this revolutionary educational movement as the official sponsor of the tour. OtterBox provides financial support for the tour and protective case solutions for educators participating in the DLR Tour events through the sponsorship.

“Expanding educational opportunity through the innovative use of technology is something OtterBox has supported for a long time, both as a company and through OtterCares,” said OtterBox CEO, Brian Thomas. “Partnering with iSi for the DLR Tour is an excellent way to make an impact in classrooms across the country, and we’re excited to help great teachers implement forward-thinking technology. Investing in educating and preparing our next generation is not just the role of parents and teachers. Corporations, universities, governments and communities all need to work together to have the greatest impact.”

This is the first installment of a blog series about iSi’s DLR Tour. Be sure to check back for a guest blog from Nikola and to learn more about the tour as it progresses through the year. For more information on integrating technology and education, watch this video:

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