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With technology changing as fast as it does, it’s sometimes hard to keep up. The latest tech trend is seeking to find ways to help us manage calls, messages and notifications in smaller and smaller gadgets.

You’ve seen a similar idea with the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch and now, the latest of these gadgets gaining a curious amount of momentum is the Smarty Ring; a fashionably sleek looking smart ring with the ability to sync to your phone and send you updates via Bluetooth in real time. But what can it really do? Does it function the same as your regular device, and if not, what value does it add if any? With all the interest surrounding the new gadget we decided to take a closer look.

Staying Updated

The ring notifies you of incoming calls, texts, or e-mails and displays the caller’s ID through its Bluetooth 4.0 connection to your device. It also provides real time updates on multiple social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Hangout and Skype. It still goes off if your phone is in silent mode and also keeps track of your phone, conveniently alerting you if you’ve lost it in a crowd or if it’s more than 30 feet away from you.



More importantly, the Smarty Ring allows you to control your phone without having to even touch it. You can accept or reject incoming calls, make calls to present numbers, change your profile, control music or trigger the camera in your phone similar to a remote control. Of course it contains a clock as well that allows you to check dual times zones and includes a timer, a stop watch and an alarm clock.

Bonus Features

The ring’s simplicity makes it elegant and inconspicuous for managing your affairs without having to constantly pull out your phone. It is also waterproof, made of allergy free metal and holds 24 hours of battery life, which would put it on par with the Galaxy Gear. Charging it is simple because it is done so wirelessly with the included charger that allows you to charge your smartphone and Smarty Ring at the same time.

Interactive Smartphone App

The interactive smartphone app included is compatible with both iOS and Android and enables you to manage certain desired settings for the ring such as the profile, time zones, adjusting the clock, LED brightness, volume and assign the buttons to control speed dials.

Though the Smarty Ring is still under development, it’s rumored to be offered for $275 when it arrives in stores the first week of April 2014.

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