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Is it November already!? Crack open the $2 Chuck’s and let the holiday craziness begin! Hi, I’m Susie SuperMom, and there isn’t any Tickle Me Elmo, Wii or Barbie Dream House I haven’t raced my way through Target to have. And this year isn’t any different….Bring on the fifth annual Gingerbread House Decorating Competition, start the physical, mental and emotional preparation for Black Friday and pull out the “Holiday Pants” box out from storage (who in the heck has time to work-out during WWIII, I mean Holiday Season 2012?).

But fear long lines, recipe dilemmas for your sister’s newfound vegan lifestyle and holiday-related panic attacks no more! I’m here to keep you sane during the holidays with life changing apps, tips on how to stay organized and a good laugh along the way! Because all jokes aside, this really is the best time of year to celebrate with the ones you love and can’t live without. And since we both know you can’t live without me during the holidays, wrap me up in an OtterBox this Christmas!

Want to know some of my hobbies? Yes, I used to have some…

  • French braiding
  • Baking at 2:00 a.m.
  • Fitting size 7 feet into size 6 soccer cleats
  • Lattes (yes, they’ve become a hobby)
  • “Book Club” with the girls
  • Wine-thirty

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