It’s holiday party season — what are you bringing?

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Yay! It’s that time of year again when it’s one holiday party after another. Neighbors, family, co-workers, everyone wants to get together for a social evening to finish out the year and share the season together. For some that means making the same old dish or dessert that they always make for an event. For me, that means finding new and fun delicacies to test out with all of my friends.

Here are some of the recipes that are tempting me this year:

I started out by checking as they always have great suggestions and collections of recipes. I instantly found a 10-Minute Holiday Party Recipes collection that is awesome. My favorites from this list:

Lemon-Garlic Marinated Shrimp

Tomato-Basil Skewers

Date Wraps

Roast Beef and Blue Cheese Spears

I don’t know why, but I only make Caramel Corn during the holidays. It is amazing and everyone seems to love it at gatherings. Try out this recipe and watch it disappear.

I have to admit I’ve never prepared a brie dish for a party, but when I find one at a party, I can’t tear myself away it before eating more than my portion. This recipe looks pretty and I’m sure is one I’d eat way too much of.

I am not a fan of mushrooms at all, but when they are at parties, everyone else seems to love them. This recipe,christmasappetizers looks like one I’ve seen that was highly popular.

And, of course there are a few cookies made this time of year. Here are some fun recipes I’ve not tried before that I’d like to this year.

My daughter absolutely loves Pecan Pralines. I think I’ll satisfy her love of sugar and pecans and make this recipe for her.

I’ve never heard of Santa’s Whiskers cookies before. But, with the candied cherries and chopped pecans both my kids will love them.

I have no idea why I’ve never made Bourbon Balls before. This recipe has so many things in it that I like, vanilla wafers, sugar and whisky. I think it’s a must this season.

What are some of your favorite holiday party recipes? Please share with me in the comments below.

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