It’s PB&J time again

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My kids are heading back to school next week which means I need to get on the ball to make sack lunches every day. It’s kind of tough to make a great lunch for my kids because they are both so picky. The girl pretends not to like peanut butter and jelly and neither kid will do a sandwich with meat or cheese. The boy doesn’t want chips but will eat as many Cheez-Its as I can cram into a baggie. They’ll both eat fruit until they explode, but I’d like to get something substantial with a little protein into their bellies too. Last year they liked Slim Jims, but that really isn’t a very healthy option. So what’s a gal to do? Some Google searching, that’s what.

Here are some of the things that I found that I think will work well for my two:

Strawberry and cream cheese sandwich  

Pepperoni pinwheels

Spread cream cheese on a tortilla. Lay out a single layer of pepperoni slices. Roll up and cut in to one inch pieces.

Cracker sandwiches

The kids love cracker sandwiches and their favorite version is with Nutella.

Other variations include PB&J, turkey and cheese, pepperoni and cheese or cream cheese.

Ants on a log

I totally forgot about this one and loved it when I was a kid! Take celery stalks, cut to desired sizes, fill with peanut butter and top with raisins.

In all the searching I’m doing I really wonder what kids on this planet are eating avocado, pear sandwiches and waldorf salad and beets. Not a single kid I know. Happy back to school time!!

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