Just Dropped My Phone…

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We all have a lovable klutz in our lives who is prone to dropping the most precious of personal handheld items. Smartphones and tablets hurtling to the floor is a regular occurrence for these special friends of ours, and each time they are as distraught and surprised at their clumsiness as if it were their first ever slip up. If you are reading this and thinking “Hmm, but I don’t have any friends who are that clumsy” it is now time for you to realize that that fumbling friend or family member is in fact you. Yes, it is all making sense to you now. Remember that time you dropped your phone down the toilet, or the time you left it on the roof of the car after packing the groceries and then drove for 3 miles in the pouring rain before realizing it?

Following this moment of epiphany you are now experiencing, we at OtterBox would like to remind you that you are not alone. Take a look at some of the following situations for a good laugh, and let us know in the comments section if you have had a similar experience!

On Your Own Face




In Your Dinner 




In The Sink




In The Toilet




In Public




Without A Case




These things happen to the best of us, keep your phone safe and sound in an OtterBox.

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Lisa Harte

Lisa Harte

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