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I always claimed to be a naturalist when it came to running. I enjoyed listening to the sounds of birds and squirrels running past me or a dog barking to say hello.

Though there may still be a place for that, when I began running to music my pace (and enjoyment) jumped to a whole new level. I realized that running didn’t seem like such a chore and I was actually running faster with ease.

Now you may be used to running with music but have you used an app that matches your music to your pace? The time waster of running with music is either spending hours putting together the perfect soundtrack that lasts the length of your run or skipping romantic ballad after romantic ballad to get the perfect beat.

With these apps you’ll be jamming and running with one push of the play button.

Cruise Control: Taking its name from the cruise control in your car, the benefit of this app is you can set a goal and the app picks songs that will keep your pace. You can even choose a target heart rate or cadence. All you need to do is keep your steps in rhythm with the music and you’ll hit your goal. Available for ios.

Synchstep: This app is one of ease. Ready to run?  Press start and go. This app helps you keep pace with the beat of your music without any setup time. If you’re looking for an app to help you keep pace in the simplest way then, before your next run, download this app and go. Available for ios and windows.

Pace DJ:  Pace DJ has songs and pre-built playlists to choose from that will keep you at your ideal pace. Though the music doesn’t adjust automatically you’ll have perfect running music to keep you going the distance. Available for ios and Android.

Your next step is to pick your favorite pacer app and step out the door.

Let us know if you try one out and your thoughts in our comments below.

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