Knitting and Tech: Opposites Attract

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Your grandmother or your home economics class may have taught you how to knit at a young age, but knitting is emerging as one of the most popular hobbies for people of all ages. As a more traditional hobby, one might be surprised what added benefits modern-day tech provides.

Don’t know how to knit? No problem. YouTube is buzzing with great tutorial videos that are easy to follow, including this video from Good Knit Kisses.

After you get started knitting, how do you keep all of those cool patterns organized so they are accessible from any device you take with you? There are several options that make it easy.


If you are about to embark into the wonderful world of knitting, you want to sign up for a Pinterest account where you can save patterns for your upcoming knitting projects. Pinterest is a great resource because you can actually see a picture of the pattern you saved, so as you prep for your next project, you can easily find it.

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Google Drive

I was once told, “Only you would have a knitting folder in your Google Drive.” To my defense, it is a very handy resource that many people are already using. With a Gmail account, one can easily save patterns in Google Drive to access anytime, anywhere. This resource is a database of any downloadable files and can be accessed anywhere with Internet. Keeping organized is easy by saving patterns by type in various folders.

knitCompanion App

Free for iOS

As a knitter or a beginning-to-think-about-knitting person, this is the app to download. It is specifically designed to help follow a PDF pattern by highlighting which line of the pattern is being worked on. It follows both written instructions and pattern images. It also features reminders, knit counters and row markers.

Knit Handy App

$0.99 for iOS and Android

So what if you don’t buy the right amount of yarn? You either have to make a second trip to the store, or if you buy way too much, end up with an overabundance of one color. Knit Handy by Interweave is an app that estimates the amount of yardage needed for specific projects. It is categorized into various types of projects like hats, sweaters, and scarves and gives an estimate of how much yarn is needed for various sized projects.

Knit Row Counter App

Free for iOS and Android

Knitting involves a lot of counting – and I mean a LOT. To make it easier, you can download Knit Row Counter to ensure a project continues to be the correct amount of stitches, no matter how many times a pattern requires a pearl-two-together or make-one.

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