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Rice Trick

I’m hard on my phones. Way back in 1994 when I got my first cell phone, I dropped it down a flight of stairs, and it shattered. I didn’t get another one until 1996, and that one lasted a while until it fell in a stream while hiking and got wet. So I – very smartly – set it on top of a halogen lamp to dry (I KNOW, I KNOW) and it completely melted the battery.

Then I had one of those pink Razor phones, and it lasted for a long, long time but then the first iPhone came out and damn. I was in LOVE. I had to have it. So I got myself an iPhone 3. I had it for about a year when, well, I did some laundry and forgot my iPhone was in the back pocket of my jeans. Yeah. I washed it. I didn’t realize what had happened until it hit the spin cycle. But I did the rice trick (you know, put it in a bowl of instant rice so it could absorb the moisture) and then with the help of a really nice tech, we got it started again.

Until about a month later when I was reading a blog post while eating and… dropped the phone into a bowl of potato soup. Yeah. Ironically, I was in a hipster coffee shop when that happened and the staff was moving slow when I asked for napkins – until I said it was my iPhone that was in trouble, at which point they leapt into action because SAVE THE APPLE PRODUCT was a priority.

That pretty much killed the phone; well, I could use it but I couldn’t make calls with it because of the soup clogging the microphone and speakers and headphone dock. Ahem. So I got an iPhone 4, which I adored even more than the 3. I had that one for about a year before… well. See, I’m a big gal with a big, uh, chest so I often tuck my iPhone into my bra. I know. One day I’d tucked my phone into my bra, only it wasn’t a bra, it was a swimsuit and it was a really, really hot day and… yeah. I dunked while the phone was in my suit.

A friend was able to repair it for me, but he had to dismantle it completely in order to do so. It started eventually having issues with the home button, and then the 5 came out so I gleefully ran to get the 5 as soon as I could.

So, here’s where I must confess something: I’ve never used a phone cover. I KNOW, I’M AN IDIOT. But the iPhone is so sleek and pretty and fits just great in my bra without a cover so… I never bought one, not for all three phones. But then I was sitting in a church basement at a memorial service for a friend and I handed my six-year-old my phone to play with and… brand new iPhone, meet cement floor. And shatter.

This time when I replaced the phone, I decided to stop being an idiot. I got an Otterbox cover – commuter series, in black – and now I also have a purple Defender. This summer? Yeah, I’m getting an Armor Series cover for pool days so even if I do swim with my phone it will likely survive the experience. Besides, it would be fun to feel safe while taking pictures sitting near the water!

I’ve accepted the fact that my phone is slightly more visible in my bra with the cover. But it is protected, now, and I’m grateful. If only I’d gotten the Otterbox when I’d first gotten my iPhone 5… sigh.


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