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The North Shore of Hawaii is legendary for its surfing competitions and superb, though sometimes dangerous, waves. Just ask Jason Bitzer of the North Shore Lifeguard Association (NSLA). Jason spends his time dealing with many challenges. The most dangerous of which, according to Jason, is nature combined with an ocean-uneducated public. This combination can have deadly consequences, and Jason uses his own combination of experience and technology to manage these situations on a daily basis.

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“Mitigating risk by warning and preventing is our primary role” according to Jason. He uses his iPhone 5 combined with the OtterBox Armor Series Case to help keep up-to-date on current conditions while on the job. He utilizes the real time surfing weather-forecasting app Magic Seaweed to track incoming weather like Tropical Storm Flossie. Without this tool, says Jason, they would have no up-to-date information on the coming storm, which can be dangerous. This North Shore Lifeguard also uses other apps like Google Calendar, and Evernote to keep track of his task lists for the NSLA.

POBBLOG-080813After Work

When he isn’t saving lives, Jason uses his iPhone 5 while training for competitions. “Whether (it’s) paddling, CrossFit or any other activity my phone’s always on me to track progression and provide music/motivation.” he says. Even at home, Jason uses the Armor Series to keep his phone safe. “Armor Series is part of my life, the case only comes off to be cleaned,” says Jason.

OtterBox is proud to be alongside Jason and the North Shore Lifeguard Association as they work to save lives on and off duty. How do you use your Armor Series Case? Share your story in the comments below!

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