Make Cleaning Up After the Long Weekend a Breeze

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All good things must come to an end, and such is true with the Fourth of July festivities. With the fun had over the holiday comes leftover food, sparklers, fireworks, red Solo cups and family to clean up after. While cleaning isn’t the first activity that comes to mind for excitement, it doesn’t have to be entirely dreadful. I’ve put together a list of apps to make cleaning up after Independence Day a breeze.


Audible allows you to listen to essentially any book of your choice (you do have to pay a monthly fee and per book). Grab a pair of headphones and dive into a who-done-it while scrubbing the dishes – before you know it, it will seem as if they washed themselves! (For Android and iOS)


Get your heart pumping and cleaning finished faster by listening to one of the thousands of playlists pre-built on the free app, Spotify for iPhone and Android. For lovers of 80’s pop to today’s billboard hits, Spotify has you covered. Simply pick a genre and clean away! (For Android and iOS)

POB-IMG-070813-CLEANING-APPS-03Free Pedometer and Step Counter

Skip the gym and use cleaning as your workout today! The Free Pedometer and Step Counter app for Android and iPhone allows you to track your steps, total distance and calories burned while cleaning up the backyard. Turn your tidying routine into a workout by running back and forth from the yard to the kitchen: Challenge yourself and see how many calories you can burn! (For Android and iOS)


Have you wiped down your washer and dryer today? For neat freaks and those that just enjoy a completely clean and germ-free home, download BrightNest – free on the AppStore. BrightNest has all kinds of tips and tricks on deep cleaning and more for a fresh, clean start after a Fourth of July bash. (For iOS)

POB-IMG-070813-CLEANING-APPS-05Cleaning Manual

For that red punch and blue Jello that your cousin-in-law spilled on your brand new white carpet, Cleaning Manual is your go-to app. Free for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Cleaning Manual has every tip and trick in the book, specific to your stain and material. Juice, be-gone! (For iOS)

Chore Bank/Reward My Chore

Got kids? Enlist ‘em. Chore Bank, $1.99 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and Reward My Chore, free for Android users, both allow you to create virtual “banks” to assign chores and rewards to your children. The more the merrier! (For Android and iOS)

Now that you’ve spent your morning (or afternoon) procrastinating, try out an app or two and get that place clean! You’ll feel better when it’s done and prepared for the less-exciting week ahead.

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