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I love pie. Plain and simple pie is an awesome treat good for breakfast or dessert. But many people shy away from making pies themselves believing that pie making is difficult. I don’t think this is the case at all. If anything pies are so much easier to make than any other dessert out there.

With it being summertime in the good ol’ US of A I was curious to learn of apps that help with making pies. And where I thought I’d find apps that would give me tips, recipes and directions for making pies, I came across a couple apps that make pies right on your phone. Not edible or anything, just lots of fun.


Pie Maker

(for iOS)

This app is the perfect virtual pie making tool. You get to pick from crusts, fillings, toppings and more. Make pie after pie and share them on Facebook or store them in the fridge (on the app). For those of us who aren’t big gamer, this might be a perfect time waster alternative.




More Pie

(for iOS)

This is a hit virtual baking app that provides an entire kitchen full of possibilities. Select from the 30 recipes available and then enjoy rolling out the crust, mixing ingredients, filling pie pans and baking. When the pie is ready you can add toppings, take a picture and share your pies with other app users. Again this sounds like an app I’ll lose time with over any shoot-‘em-up game.



If the pie making apps aren’t exactly your thing and you want to get your hand dirty making the real think I love the Epicurious app (Android and iOS).

Happy (virtual) baking!

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