Maxing Out Your Summer Fun

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The start of school is no longer looming on the horizon. It’s next week! I know my kids and our family are busy packing in as much summer fun as possible before the school regime takes over our lives. I know many other families are squeezing the fun out of summer as well. Here is what everyone is up to:

Amusement parkAmusement Parks

My neighbors just fit in a day at Elitch Gardens down in Denver. I’m trying to get the kids to WaterWorld and I know a few people who are hitting either Disneyland or Disney World depending on which coast they are from. And, for days at the amusement parks, our handheld tech is an absolute must. We can stay on top of traffic conditions, weather conditions and watch our bank accounts shrink by the instant.

National Parks and the Great Outdoors

Some families fit in one last or the only national park visit right before school starts. That way they can say they did at least one thing to keep the kids on the learning track over the summer. Other families I know are getting in that last camp out, hiking trek, day at the lake, bonfire, etc. Check out our blog on enjoying the great outdoors for apps to enhance these activities.

kids hikingRoad Trips

There is always that last road trip to nowhere too. Fit in one last excursion across the states to see those awesome oddities that pop up along the way. Or make sure the kids get to see all the family and grandparents before they hit the books. Tablets and smartphone will be vital for on-the-road entertainment and distractions from that ever-chatty aunt. Make sure to keep your tech on hand and charged up so you don’t get bored or lost. Check out our blog on road trip tech for more ideas.

Blockbuster Movies

Maybe this is your last chance to enjoy the dark, cool movie theatre to see all of summer’s big blockbuster movies? Now’s the time to get it done. Enjoy our list of apps for movie-goers and be the guy who knows all the great lines when the first school bell rings.

After you fit in all that last-minute summer fun you can settle down to organizing all the school supplies into the right backpacks, prepping all of the new school clothes and enjoying that last bit of quality time with the kids before they head off to school and get to drive their teachers crazy.

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