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Denial. Anger. Bargaining. Depression. Acceptance. According to psychologists, these are the five stages of grief in the face of impending death or extreme, awful fate. I have experienced all of these recently- not because of some life-altering tragedy, but because I lost my smartphone.

Am I being dramatic? Maybe a little. Obviously losing my contacts and calendar dates was my main concern, however ninety-six hours (not that I was counting or anything) without a phone made my petty dependence painfully evident. How was I supposed to get directions or ask random questions without my sarcastic, know-it-all best friend Siri? What was I supposed to do in moments of boredom if I couldn’t surf social media? How would I handle awkward situations if I couldn’t fake text?

Tracking both your wallet and your phone – in one

Yes, my deep-rooted attachment to my phone might be borderline disturbing, but we’ve all admittedly had that frantic, gut-wrenching feeling that follows a misplaced or stolen phone or, even worse, a missing wallet. Staying calm while your stolen smartphone is sailing on a cruise ship or your misplaced wallet is wedged between couch cushions can be difficult, however tracking both your wallet and phone can be easy with two simple solutions: the OtterBox Commuter Series Wallet and installing a GPS tracking app on your phone.

A wallet inside a phone? I know what you might be thinking: it sounds big and bulky. But believe me when I tell you that you’ll hardly notice your credit card and cash are secretly stashed in your smartphone with the Commuter Series Wallet’s cleverly designed built-in sliding drawer. Not to mention Samsung users that are stoked to get the GALAXY S 5 will get to share the love with these cases coming soon.


Panic. Realization. Tracking. Recovery. Contentment. According to yours truly, these are the five stages of relief that could result from combining your wallet and smartphone into one easily traceable device. Convinced yet? You should be.

Check out these free and popular tracking apps for your smartphone:

For iPhone

Find My iPhone (on iCloud)

Find My iPhone is a feature of the iCloud web application that can be used to GPS locate your phone on a map, play a sound to help find it and remotely erase personal information. In order for it to work, iPhone users need to download the latest iOS update. Most importantly, Find My iPhone must be turned on under iCloud settings.


Lookout is a great way to not only locate a lost iPhone, but it also offers over-the-air backup so contacts are safe and a remote lock and wipe so important information stays confidential.

For Android:

Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is essentially the Android version of Find My iPhone. It allows you to locate, track, set an alarm noise, reset your screen lock PIN and wipe data information.

Where’s my Droid

Where’s My Droid is yet another great app that enables users to GPS track, turn volume up, send urgent texts, trigger location alert on low battery and other cool features.

Android Lost

Android Lost is one of the top tracking apps, allowing users to not only locate their phone but read sent and received SMS messages, wipe and lock the phone, erase the SD card, set a flashing alarm, take a picture with the front camera, record sound from the microphone and, believe it or not, much, much more.

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