Mobile World Congress 2015

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Each year, Barcelona welcomes visitors from around the globe as it hosts the world’s largest mobile conference– otherwise known as the Mobile World Congress. There, operators, manufacturers, vendors and attendees come to represent every major mobile market on the planet and showcase their latest innovations.

Being the insatiable tech lovers that we are, we’re always sure to follow any such event. If you weren’t able to follow, don’t worry! Here are the biggest takeaways from this year’s conference…


Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge

This year, Samsung showed up with not one, but two completely redesigned phones joining their flagship Galaxy lineup — the Galaxy S6 and the dual-curved Galaxy S6 edge. The new phones come with a bevy of new features including a totally redesigned glass and metal exterior. The upgrades also include a new 16MP rear-facing camera that launches in just 0.7 seconds, and a 5MP front camera with live HRD — a first for Samsung. Also, now view your photos on the 5.1 Quad HD Super AMOLED display. That’s a lot of numbers and letters, but it boils down to a very pretty picture. Both devices are available April 10th, 2015. Check out our cases for the Galaxy S6 here:


HTC One M9

HTC announced the brand-new M9 this year — returning with the iconic aluminum uni-body design that began with the One M7. This time around HTC is offering a dual-tone all metal body, encasing a 2,840 mAh battery and Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor. One of the most exciting updates comes from the camera, which is now a 20MP shooter with an UltraPixel camera in the front. As with the M8, the new M9 comes with best-in-class front facing stereo speakers with built-in amp and Dolby Audio. The HTC One M9 is available this March.


HTC Vive

Valve and HTC have partnered to create a new virtual reality headset powered by StreamVR. The headset provides each eye with a 1,200×1,080 pixel screen creating photorealistic imagery for the user. A gyrosensor, accelerometer and laser positioning help track head movement, allowing users to look around their virtual environment simply by, well, looking around. Players also have a custom VR controller in each hand, which is tracked in similar fashion. Developer edition available this spring, in stores Holiday 2015.


LG & Huawei Smartwatch

Smartwatches are picking up steam, with both LG and Huawei bringing new options to MWC this year. Huawei is offering two new wearables including the TalkBand B2 and the Huawei Watch. The TalkBand B2 is a cool hybrid device that works as a traditional wrist wearable — tracking steps, calories and distance — that transforms into a Bluetooth piece that goes in your ear. The watch is a more traditional (if you can call smartwatches traditional) play, featuring different band and face options and running Android Wear. LG also introduced a couple new players in the smartwatch game: the LG Watch Urbane and the LG Watch Urbane LTE. The former runs Android Wear and offers a 410 mAh battery, while the latter runs LG’s own Web OS and an impressive 700 mAh battery with LTE capabilities. LG claims the Web OS version runs more smoothly with NFC payments as well.

What was your favorite gadget from MWC? Let us know in the comments!



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