Momentarily single all good habits disappeared

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The husband and kids spent this past week visiting all the grandparents in Oregon and Washington for spring break. I spent the week on my own and quickly kicked into total slacker mode. I can’t think of the last time I had two hours to myself let alone five days.

Every day I stayed up late, slept late, ate odd stuff for meals and enjoyed some quiet time. I was thinking I could get through at least two novels, but finished only one. I did read two magazines from cover to cover so I think that counts for something. Fortunately I had to go to work so I didn’t get too off track.

Without the family around eating was really different too. We have breakfast together at the table every morning and dinner together every night. I found myself eating standing up in the kitchen or lounging on the couch. I maintained my normal habits for lunch but for breakfast I ate on the way to work and for dinner it was a free-for-all.

My first night home alone I had popcorn for dinner. I went out with friends the next night. The third night I was standing in front of my pantry looking for something to make and decided that wild rice would be perfect and it’s all I wanted. I ended up also having a few slices of a pepperoni stick to make it a full meal.

It was fun to have no routine and do whatever I felt like. Talking with the husband and kids on the phone I was thinking that they are going to have to be whipped back onto shape when they get home. I realized I’m just as bad and will need to get back on track myself.

Without the family around I only had myself to get up and take care of each day. It was totally weird. I definitely have to say I love having the family around. It’s especially good because the two dogs and one cat all wanted to be near me in the same two square feet of the house I’d be reading and that was just silly. More people around the house is way better and as much as I enjoyed the quiet and the lack of other people’s messes I really missed the usual chaos.

The gang is on the road heading home. I get one more night on my own and plan to have a sandwich for dinner. While driving the 1300 miles east the husband is planning our Irish feast for Saturday.

I can’t decide between the Guinness Corned Beef or the Corned Beef and Carrots with a marmalade whiskey glaze. I’ll see what the husband favors and we’ll go with that. Colcannon is a certain side dish and I’ll have the kids help me make the Guinness Stout Ginger Cake. After the St. Patrick’s Day parade we’ll destroy the kitchen and make some great food together. It’ll be the perfect way to hang out together after the week apart.

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