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Payphone Album ArtIt seems like musical collaborations are all the rage right now, so I wanted to share some of my favorites.

I can greatly appreciate songs that feature other artists, and hip-hop seems to have some of this down to a science, but there is one kind of collaboration that I really love to see, and this is the cross-genre mix up. I find it fairly simple to have to rappers, or two rock stars, or two pop stars sing together, but when you are able to combine two completely different styles, and do it well, that is when I feel something great has really been accomplished.

One of the most recent versions of this that I’ve heard recently is Maroon 5’s song Payphone featuring Wiz Khalifa. Now I’ll admit, this still isn’t exactly what I’m talking about in terms of the perfect collaboration, because the song is mostly Maroon 5, with a brief breakdown where Wiz Khalifa adds a rap/bridge. But it is still a very fun song and I’ve listened to it numerous times each day since hearing it for the first time.

Another unusual combination is Kanye West’s Lost in the World, featuring Bon Iver. Now, I love Bon Iver as an artist anyway, and Kanye, eh, I can take or leave his music, but this song is a great little mix. Because both are so unique, it’s hard to describe the song overall, but definitely worth a listen or two.

There are also two older ones worth noting, cause they’re so fun and great songs overall. The first is B.o.B.’s The Kids, featuring Vampire Weekend and Janelle Monáe. The electro-pop from Vampire Weekend really is what makes this song in my opinion, and the vocals on the verses by Janelle Monáe are fantastic too. Another great one is Kid Cudi’s Pursuit of Happiness with MGMT and Ratatat. You probably remember this song from a couple years ago, when you just couldn’t get away from it, but it is definitely worth listening to again.

Both of Us Album Art

Finally, I have saved what I consider to be the best current collaboration that I’ve heard from a hip-hop artist and another artist, and that is B.o.B. and Taylor Swift on Both of Us. First off, this is an amazing matchup: B.o.B. and country/pop star Taylor Swift!? Whoever thought this up was a genius. Also, I love Taylor Swift’s vocals on the chorus of this song, and B.o.B. is a great lyricist in my opinion. This song is only a couple weeks old, and a great addition to any playlist.

There are many more great examples out there of cross-genre songs, and I encourage you to find more that you love, and then leave more examples in the comments below for all of us to check out as well. Also, make sure you follow the OtterBox playlist on Spotify. Hope you enjoy these songs, and as always, happy listening!

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