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Another year has slipped away and I’m faced again with another birthday. Fortunately I actually enjoy celebrating my birthday. At my house when it’s your birthday you get to pick your favorite breakfast, favorite dinner and the kind of cake you love.

My favorite breakfast is homemade waffles with fresh strawberries and just a drop or two of syrup. But this year I’d like to have a breakfast burrito smothered in the husband’s homemade pork green chili. My perfect breakfast burrito has just the right amount and combination of scrambled eggs, cheese, fried potatoes and black beans.

It’s not fancy or even that interesting, but one of my favorite dinners is tacos and that’s what I’m planning to have this year. We make tacos a fun, do-it-yourself affair at my house so everyone can have exactly the taco they want. We cook up ground hamburger in one pan and ground turkey in another and spice them up just right for tacos. We make refried beans and black beans. The husband whips up some Spanish rice. We chop up lettuce, black olives, tomatoes and shred some cheddar cheese. The husband enjoys fresh jalapeno slices and kim chee on his tacos while the daughter and I like a dollop of sour cream on ours. We fry up corn shells and also have flour tortillas for our son. Everything gets set out on the table and we dive in. I can only eat two tacos, but wish I could eat so many more.

Then for dessert I’m torn this year between a lemon chiffon cake that we’d probably have to pick up from a bakery or having a homemade cake. I’m leaning toward picking a homemade cherry chip cake with cream cheese frosting. Oh, with the mention of cream cheese frosting, I may need to have my brother-in-law’s carrot cake instead. It’s sooooo good as his version has pineapple in it and no nuts or raisins. In fact, now that I mention it, I’m sure I want the carrot cake.

Despite the growing older part of birthdays I always have a great time celebrating with family and friends! What are some of your favorite birthday eats? Please share in the comments below.



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