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Gibson, Taylor, Martin, Guild, what are you a “fanboy” of? No matter if you’re talking about technology, cooking, cars, protective cases (yes I mean OtterBox) or music, there are fans who are diehards for a particular brand no matter the hobby or past time. So as a musician I also tend to have my own biases about guitars, amps, microphones and accessories that I cannot live without. Let’s chat today about acoustic guitars.

My first really nice guitar that I bought as a self-gifted birthday present a couple of years ago was a Taylor 214 (which is still fairly “low end” for a Taylor). I absolutely love this guitar, and every single Taylor that I’ve played has just been a beauty both to the eyes and ears. They have such a clean sound and their bright, crisp tone is just so perfect for just about any song that you would want to play. Almost…

I say almost because a couple of months ago I wrote this really sad song. Now I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that if your lyrics are sad, your voice sounds sad and the whole tone and meaning of the song is sad, a bright, clean and crisp sounding guitar just sounds odd. It’s like going to a black tie affair and that one guy in the Hawaiian shirt just looks out of place. So I started my quest for a complementing guitar to join my collection. The main metric I was looking for was “soul.” I wanted something that just oozed blues and heart and didn’t have to try too hard to fit right into my new song (or ones like it).

In my search, I played just about everything that I could think of. Martin: just didn’t fit me right. Gibson: actually too much low end sound. Fender: come on guys. Breedlove: I absolutely loved, it just wasn’t right for this project (future buy?). Seagull: nice but not for me. And some others that I am forgetting now.

Then I remembered playing a guitar when I was purchasing my Taylor that I had loved but just wasn’t ready to purchase at that time. It was an old, 1964 Guild acoustic guitar that had all of the qualities I had been looking for in this new guitar. Of course, a couple of years later the exact model that I had played was nowhere to be found, but I had a new direction for my search. I looked in music shops, I searched online and eventually I saw one that was about my price range and seemed like a fit, so I went to talk to the seller and play it for a little while.

Wow! I played this 1979 F4CE-NT Guild guitar for about 45 minutes that first day and lucky for me the current owner (let’s call him Alfred, the founder of Guild Guitars) was this really cool guy who just leaned back in a rocking chair and closed his eyes while I strummed, fingerpicked and examined every aspect of this guitar to my heart’s delight. Now, not wanting to make a rash decision, I kindly thanked Alfred and told him I’d sleep on it and get back to him. I could have skipped to my car on the way out, I was that excited about this guitar! I rushed to meet my friends at our favorite bar and pretended to listen to their conversations while in my head I was actually daydreaming about this Guild.

The next day I called Alfred and told him that I was definitely interested in the guitar (without trying to sound too eager, for negotiation reasons) and just wanted to swing by one more time to play it and be sure. As my fingers felt the strings again, they just knew that this was their fret-mate. Now, I have been playing only this guitar and I am a Guild fanboy for life. I have and still love my Taylor, but right now this Guild is the go-to playing guitar I just cannot get enough of!

So what’s your hobby/passion? What is the brand that you go crazy for and just can’t get enough of?


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