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I love fall. Not because of the changing leaves and weather, or the ability to wear cardigan sweaters again, but because fall means football season! There is no better time of the year to be a sports fan. Unfortunately, this is also the time that we’re forced to interact with distant family and friends who expect us to pay attention to them instead of the Thanksgiving Day games.

To solve that problem, here are some apps to help you keep track of scores, fantasy players and sports news on your mobile phone.

Checking the Scores:

ESPN Scorecard: This is a pretty easy one to guess, but make sure you explore the app and add notifications for your favorite teams, so that you won’t miss out and can scramble to the TV when your team is down by 3 with only 46 seconds left in the game. FREE (iOS, Android???)

Yahoo! Sportacular: This is an alternative to ESPN Scorecard and if you use Siri on your iPhone to pull up stats or schedules, you’ll need this app to dive into further detail. FREE (iOS, Android???)

Scoremobile: If neither of those are your cup of tea, try this sleek scoreboard app. The news section for both Scoremobile and Sportacular are fed by the Associate Press, whereas ESPN uses its own news reports. FREE  (iOS, Android???)

NFL Mobile: Unfortunately this is a Verizon-exclusive app, but if you’re lucky enough to use that carrier it’s a nice app to have. It is free for live radio coverage, video-on-demand and gives score updates and news about ongoing games well. It advertises that it has RedZone package and live games on Thursday, Sunday and Monday nights, but if you want that feature be ready to pay about $5 a month. It might be worth it if you’re on the road for the holidays. FREE (iOS, Android???)

Fantasy Football:

You don’t typically have much of a choice about which app to choose here, it’s more about what league you’re in, but here’s a quick run-down.

ESPN Fantasy Football League: This is a nice app for quickly managing your fantasy team on the fly, but you do lose a fair amount of functionality from the desktop website. It definitely allows most functions and stat visibility, but just don’t expect it to be quite the same. FREE (iOS, Android???)

Yahoo! Fantasy Football: This app functions much as the ESPN app, with a different interface and design. The only drawback to this app that I have found is that it doesn’t alter the projected score of your game based on performances so far, which is something that ESPN does. FREE (iOS, Android???)

Fantasy Football ’12: This app does allow you to combine multiple ESPN, Yahoo! and fantasy teams into one app, but it comes with the price tag of $2.99 and is an iOS only app.

However you like to consume your sports, you’ve got plenty of options for playing it cool with the fam and not missing a moment of the action. Just watch how much turkey you eat or you’ll snooze through both.

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