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One of the best thing about Windows Phone is that due to Microsoft’s strict guidelines on hardware and design specifications most of the features works across the board ( except when there are hardware limitations eg: wp7.x might not all support windows phone 8 features ) on all hardware, so unlike Android tricks that work on Samsung not working on HTC or Nokia does not often appear. We will take a look at some of the new features in Windows Phone 8 along with some of the golden features from its predecessor .

Bing Explore

    1. Trending News & Local Deals
      When you are in the Bing app, which can be launched using the hardware search button you can swipe to the right to explore trending stories, local deals. ( Probably limited to US Only )
    2. Audible Caller ID
      One new feature on Windows Phone is audible Caller ID you can access it under the Ease of Access available under settings. NOTE: might not be available if your language+region under Country/Region is not United States
    3. Messaging Tile
      If you look closely you will see that smiley face on the text message box changes when you receives a message. It goes from a smile to a wink and when you get many unread messages it goes to that of surprise ( I think , was never that good at recognizing  smiley faces )
    4. Photo Fix
      This feature is so cool. Auto-fix automatically applies some of the most common photographic fixes – exposure, color temperature and shadow/highlight adjustment and in most cases the end result is really good. To apply this open the picture and click on the more […] button and pick Auto-fix. ( NOTE : you will need to save it for the effect to be saved )
    5. Super Calculator
      The built in calculator will change into scientific and a hexadecimal calculator if you turn your phone to the left or right.
    6. Multi-tasking
      If you press and hold the back icon you can bring up the fast app switching mode and cycle between all the open apps.
    7. Screen shot
      To take a screen shot all you have to do is press the power and Windows button at the same time till you hear a clicking sound. The image should be automatically saved to the Photos >> Album >> Screenshots folder.
    8. Tag people before you upload them
      With windows phone you can tag faces in a picture when posting it to Facebook directly from the camera app. Usually the phone will pick up on the faces and ask you if you want to enter that person’s name , if for some reason it doesn’t tap the Add tag button , and type in the name after clicking on that persons face.
    9. LockScreen Apps & Wallpapers
      Windows Phone 8 now allows developers to access the lock screen to provider users with notifications and wallpaper. You can configure this settings from the Settings >> Lockscreen page. You can set weather notification or stock notification from your favourite apps or you can get random wallpapers from Bing. ( If you love wallpapers for your windows phone check out our exclusive Windows Phone collection , you won’t be disappointed )
    10. Kid’s Corner
      Got a young one who wants to play on your phone, but you are terrified what the little fella might do with it? Or you might want to hand over the phone to your mate and might be terrified what he or she might post to your facebook wall ? The Kid’s Corner feature in Windows Phone 8 lets you decide what they can use and stops them from accessing the other sections. Check out this post to learn more about it
    11. Backing up everything to the cloud
      With Windows Phone 8 Microsoft has provided cloud backup for various things on the phone ranging from your app list and text message to all that picture on your phone.  You can access all backup options from Settings >> Backup
    12. Identify that Tune
      Nope you don’t need to download a 3rd party app like Shazam to do this on your phone. Just click on the hardware search button and tap the music icon to instantly identify the music
    13. Send your location via text
      When you compose a text you can add your current location as an attachment. This will send out a message with a picture of the Bing maps with the location , clicking on it will open up the maps app (on Windows Phone devices , other platforms can open up the link via their browser.)
    14. Ask your phone to call people
      You can ask your phone to call people using the voice commands and the best part is you can tell the phone to put the call on speaker!! The command you use is ” Call < the name of the person > on speaker “. Check out the video for more info (this will probably only work if the language is set to English)
    15. Speak your mind
      Want to dictate the content of the email? With Windows Phone 8 you can. When in the compose windows just click on the microphone button and tell your phone what you want to include in the message or the subject.


  • I hope you guys find these useful , let us know your favorite tips and tricks for windows phone device below.–SaijoHey there .. my name is Saijo George and I am the editor in chief over at 1800PocketPC a site dedicated to Windows Phone News and Reviews. If you have any Windows Phone related tips or queries don’t hesitate to get in touch with me on Google+ or Twitter



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