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If you’re planning on ringing in 2013 with your family, but you’re worried that your little ones won’t stay up past 8 p.m., throw a party with your kids earlier in the day. Invite some friends over and you’ve got “Noon” Year’s fun! Here are some suggestions for entertaining your little party animals:

Create a theme.
Will you be inviting lots of 3-year-olds? Then Yo Gabba Gabba! is a good theme. Do you have budding singers or dancers coming over? Karaoke and video games like Just Dance will keep them busy. A zoo theme will work for most ages and you can ask kids to bring their favorite stuffed animals for a parade.

Nosh on Kid-friendly Food. Kiddie punch, made from fruit juice and ginger ale and topped with sherbet, is sure to be a hit. An ice cream bar is great for any age—get vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream and then set out chocolate syrup, sprinkles, crushed-up Oreos, and some cherries to place on top of the ice cream creations.

Time It Right.
Noon is the new midnight! Let your little revelers enjoy the festivities with you or their friends. Naptime can follow soon after and you won’t have kids (or adults) who are rubbing their eyes at 10 p.m. from exhaustion.

Sound Off. You can make your own New Year’s Eve party noisemakers with items from around the house. Put dried beans in your kids’ closed water bottles and tell them to shake, shake, shake it! Or take two plastic or Styrofoam bowls, place pennies or LEGO bricks in them, and staple or tape them together to create a tambourine. And don’t forget every kids’ favorite noisemaker: pots and pans! Take a couple wooden spoons and some pots and hand them out to your guests. Yes, just like a regular New Year’s Eve party, you’ll probably need to take some aspirin afterwards.

Big Balloon Drop.

Maybe they won’t be able to stay up to watch the ball drop in Times Square, but they can enjoy their own balloon drop. Take two large garbage bags, cut along both sides to create a rectangle and then tape both bags together to create one large rectangle. Use painter’s tape to attach the taped-together bags to your ceiling, leaving enough of a pocket for the balloons. Blow up lots of balloons, stuff them (plus confetti and streamers, if you’re looking for some extra pizzazz) into the space between the ceiling and the bags, and then release the tape on one side when you’re ready to celebrate.

Party Favors That Pop.
End the party by handing out New Year’s Eve-themed party poppers. Take toilet paper rolls, fill them with candy or little trinkets, and cover them with several layers of tissue paper, being sure to tightly wrap the paper around the roll. Tape the tissue paper to the roll and then tie the extra material at each end with a ribbon. The kids can break open their gift at the end of the party by pulling on both sides.

Dana Hardek is a freelance writer and the publisher of Beaver Valley Macaroni Kid.

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