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Welcome to the biggest game of the year — World of Christmas. I know it isn’t as fun as jail-breaking your phone but we can get through this together. I’m Tiberius, named after the illustrious Capt. James T. Kirk. That’s right, I was born to go where no man has gone before — that doesn’t include the mall.

Likes: Improving my avatar, being smarter than anyone else in the room, coding easter eggs, writing fan fiction, and memorizing lines from my favorite shows. “Well, my time of not taking you seriously is coming to a middle.”

Dislikes: Nubes, dead links, Sheldon Cooper, Scientology, IE6, booth babes, people who don’t get my references and the iPad.

Song: She Blinded Me With Science — Dolby (not the stereo, the guy)

Favorite Xmas Memory: The year I was able to make all of the neighborhood lights dance in synch to the Imperial March.

Holiday Survival Tip: Order early, online and from wish lists. Let others do the work.

Favorite Xmas Gift from the Past: My first robotics kit. Oh, K-9 how I miss you.

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