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As an employee of OtterBox, I shudder when I see a phone without protection.  We all know that person: the one that likes the slim, sleek lines of their device and wouldn’t DARE cover it up with a case. Never mind that device disaster is in their future… they go on, naked.

Now, even that person can have OtterBox protection without sacrificing showing off their device with our new Clearly Protected line of screen protectors. Choose between four options:  The 360-degree protection covers the entire device – front, back and sides – with impact resistant, self-healing material.  The 360 option is meant to be used without a case for a super sleek look.  Or if a screen protection with a case is more your style, choose between the Clean, Vibrant or Privacy variants.  These three types of Clearly Protected can be used with our Commuter Series, Reflex Series or Prefix Series cases.

I have been rocking the Vibrant protector on my Samsung GS3, and I have to say I am quite impressed… some of my thoughts:

  • It maintains the amazing display quality of my device
  • The anti-air bubble technology actually works, to a point. If you install it with HUGE bubbles, it will take a while. Our intrepid Community Specialist, Tyler, installed mine and I had bubbles big and small. The small ones were gone within a couple of days… the larger ones have dissipated over time. I happen to like technology that overcomes my inabilities to install it correctly.
  • The material is self-healing! Yep, I actually tried piercing my screen protector with a pin to see if I could release the air from one of the larger bubbles (not my finest moment) and guess what? The protector actually healed itself!
  • The Vibrant works with my Reflex Series case perfectly.  It fits beautifully and installing the case over the protector didn’t result in the screen protector edges pulling up at all.

SO, if you know someone who dares to have a naked device, be sure to share this awesome new product line from OtterBox with them. And if you are naked now, WHAT are you waiting for?

We have decided to offer 4 people the chance to try the NEW OtterBox Clearly Protected Screen Protectors. For a chance to win, leave a comment about what you think is the best feature of the new screen protectors in the section below. Terms and Conditions

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