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How tough is an OtterBox? At the start of this year (2014) I was riding my motorcycle. I’m a Motor Officer and experienced one of the worst accidents you can have on a motorcycle. I entered the freeway and observed a vehicle pass me at a very high rate of speed. I was wearing cargo pants and my phone was inside of my right pant leg. I accelerated to catch up to the vehicle. I reached a speed of over 100 MPH to catch the vehicle traveling at 100 MPH. My motorcycle went into a high speed wobble. I was thrown from the bike at 100 MPH and tumbled for 400 feet down the freeway. I had a large amount of road rash and it was down to the bone on my left hand. I had a broken ankle, rib and left hand. One of the people who stopped to help located my phone on the roadway. The case took a beating. All of my duty gear was shredded. I had the man use my phone to contact loved ones and give them updates. I was extremely surprised when I was able to take my phone out of the case. The phone looked like the day I bought it! So yes, these cases will really protect your phone!


~Stephen H.

Submitted: 3.29.14


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