OtterBox Buys Rights; changing Colorado State Flag Colors

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Colorado is ridiculously awesome. If you’re a Colorado native or resident, you know why. We’re proud of our majestic mountains, healthy habits and contagious culture.

We love our orange and blue Broncos, blue and yellow Nuggets, purple and black Rockies and our…. yellow and black flag?

Yup, you heard right. Forget the traditional red, blue, white and yellow flag that we so proudly display on our sweatshirts, baseball caps and bumpers. OtterBox has licensed the rights to the official colors and flag of Colorado. The new colors? Yellow and Black.

To most, this might be shocking news. Never before has OtterBox or the state pulled off such bold and ambitious branding efforts. OtterBox decided to collaborate with the state of Colorado’s “Brand Colorado” initiative to demonstrate its affiliation with the active, outdoor lifestyle Colorado is known for, and provide a one-time revenue source for the state.

OtterBox CEO Brian Thomas is excited to make a statement and be a part of the effort, but one thing is certain – this rebranding effort is going to stir up a lot of attention.

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