OtterBox Saved My Father’s Life

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“On October 1 of last year, my father was hiking into Box Canyon in Idaho to do some early morning fishing. It was pre-dawn, and it had rained that evening before. At some point he slipped and fell into an embankment head first about 30-40 feet down. During the fall he tore both rotator cuffs, broke his neck in three places, every bone in his face, and broke his mandible in two. Landing on a riverbank, partially submerged and bleeding out, my dad still had the clarity to try and dial 911. Holding his phone in one hand, and his jaw together with the other, he was able to call for help. His next memory is of waking up to helicopter blades chopping air and water against him as the helivac team arrived.
At the hospital the doctors initially said his injuries were too severe for most people to survive, let alone a 62 year-old man. Being the tough SOB he is, my dad ended up pulling through and is currently on the road to recovery. We now have a new fight to stay financially afloat while he recovers, however, that is certainly preferred to the alternative. I still have my father with me for a while longer, and we all have a new appreciation for the fragility of life.

In looking back at the number of things that had to occur for him to survive, it still takes my breath away. It wasn’t until several months later that I needed to make a call and picked up his phone as mine had broken. I commented on all the damage to his OtterBox case and it only struck me then that had his phone not been protected, he wouldn’t have been able to call for 911. He would have died alone on that riverbank in the worst pain he’s ever experienced.

His OtterBox was the best investment he’s likely ever made … it literally saved his phone and his life.

Thank you for making such a great product. Please don’t ever sacrifice quality for bottom line!

You have earned a family of loyal customers, and more importantly, you have my deepest thanks.”

– Nate, Actual OtterBox Customer

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