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The reason I am contacting you isn’t to ask you for anything, I sincerely want to thank you! I am a heavy equipment mechanic for a railroad company in Nicholasville, KY. One day I was up on one of our apprentice trucks making a repair which required the use of a 20 ton hydraulic porta power. Ultimately, one of the welds broke which held the metal I was working on in place. I took a serious blow to the chest, and was knocked off of the truck. I suffered a cracked sternum and a class 2 concussion. However, the OtterBox Defender Series took most of the blow to the chest for me, fell out of my shirt pocket and fell 12 feet to the concrete below. Not only did the OtterBox protect my phone, I feel it helped prevent further injury and it still protects my phone to this day, undamaged. It’s one hell of a product. I just ordered a new phone and already plan to protect it with a new OtterBox.

Thanks again for a great product!



Arlie M.


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