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I’m not what one would necessarily call ‘crafty.’ Although I enjoy the process that goes into lovingly planning and creating something beautiful and uniquely my own, the time that goes into such a hobby is not a luxury I can usually afford. When I do manage to carve out a bit of time to work on something, I struggle with coming up with ideas on what to do. Enter Pinterest — quite possibly one of the most brilliantly easy ways for sharing and finding ideas on nearly any topic you can think of. This year I have been pinning ideas like a madwoman. There are so many possibilities I never would have thought of before, it gets me even more excited for the holidays!

I know what you’re thinking: the holiday season is the last time of year to stop and make crafts with so many other things that need to be done. However, a simple and fun craft I’ve found that adds a personal touch to the home (and save a ton of money) is making your own ornaments! It’s a wonderful activity to do with your kids that allows you to get some excellent quality time in as well.


If that weren’t reason enough, OtterBox is holding an ornament design contest! It’s easy — and fun — to enter! The contest runs Dec. 8-12, just follow these simple steps to enter:

  1. Follow OtterBox on Pinterest
  2. Craft an ornament inspired by your favorite Symmetry Series design
  3. Pin it to Pinterest and tag it with #OtterBoxHoliday


That’s it! You will be entered for a chance to win a free Symmetry Series case of your choice and a $50 gift card to Joann Fabric and Craft Stores or Michaels! For more information, check out our terms and conditions here.

Your design can be abstract or as literal as you want. Feel free to make it your own and have fun with it! Here are some adorable ideas if you’re in need of some inspiration to get started:



Accessories are key and you can use nearly anything to help create different looks. Pasting lace, Epsom salts, hot glue or even pictures on your ornament is an easy way to create beautifully intricate patterns or textures that would normally go for a small fortune at the store. Lace especially helps create a floral vintage look, while pictures add a more customized touch:

The Floral Lace Look

The Snowy Crystal Look

The Rustic Look

The Custom Look



 Who doesn’t love a little sparkle? Whether you pour it in, paint it or glue it to the outside, there are a number of different ways to easily jazz up some inexpensive ornaments for a more festive and polished look in just a few minutes!


Finger paint

Acrylic Paint



If you end up having a few extra ornaments left over after decorating your tree, you can use them to make an ornament chandelier to tie all the decorations around the house together.


So go forth, and have fun crafting! We can’t wait to see your submissions!




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