OtterTour at the New Jersey State Fair

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NJ State Fair


The OtterTour is hitting the state fair-circuit at the 75th anniversary of the New Jersey State Fair in Augusta, New Jersey at the Sussex County Fairgrounds!


The Sussex County Fairgrounds has served as the home for year-round event entertainment for almost 70 years. Featuring cultural events, horse shows, livestock shows and a sweet carnival, the New Jersey State Fair has something for everyone.


Join us as at the fairgrounds and follow us on Twitter @OtterBox and the hashtags #OtterTour and #NJStateFair for live event updates and your chance to win prizes!


Inner Otter Photo Contest 

Stopping by the OtterTour truck this weekend? Show us your Inner Otter! To enter to win, post a photo to Twitter with the OtterBox “selfie-stand” at the Otter Truck at the Newport Folk Festival. Tag your with photo with OtterBox’s twitter handle, @OtterBox, and  the hashtags: #OtterTour and #InnerOtter.

For more details see our Inner Otter Terms and Conditions.


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