Pack2School 2013: The Best Event of the School Year

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As summer vacation draws to a close, the excitement of heading back to school begins to grow. One of my favorite things about starting a new school year was picking out new notebooks and binders, matching my pens and mechanical pencils to the colors of my folders (RSVP Pens were all the rage) and loading up my backpack. I loved buying my new books, picking out the perfect outfit for the first day of classes and refreshing my sparkle pen collection (they may not have been on “the list” of required supplies, but they certainly made note taking more enjoyable!).

My mom would take my brothers and me on a full day shopping excursion at the end of every summer, knowing that preparing for the upcoming semester and generating excitement about it was important. We entered the new year, new classrooms, new studies and new beginnings positively. We were supplied, organized and ready. Thanks, Mom.



Here at OtterBox we believe that every student should enter their new school year with such positivity and preparation. To help the kids in our community, the OtterCares foundation sponsors the event Pack2School — where income qualifying K-12 Poudre School District students are able to come to us for back-to-school supplies (and entertainment) free of charge. Last week was our third consecutive Pack2School event, and we had a great time!

This year, we saw over 1,850 students come through to pick out school supplies. Our Otter volunteers walked kids up and down aisles brimming with paper and pens, scissors and glue, brightly colored folders, rulers and highlighters and more. Each student selected a new backpack, stuffed it to the brim and then browsed through tables stacked with books donated just for them.


Pack2School isn’t just about the supplies; it provides an opportunity to learn. For instance, many of the kids who attended Pack2School also participated in a discussion about how they can give back to the community by sharing their time, talent or treasure. This festive environment is loaded with activities, musicians and our very own Ollie the Otter.

We also had 21 different social service providers represented this year, and with great variety! They ranged from The Boys and Girls Club of Larimer County and the Teaching Tree, to the Poudre River Public Library District and Unite for Literacy, the Women’s Resource Center and Salud Health Clinic. Each of these great programs had a vibrant booth, friendly representatives and a tangible desire to affect and teach the students and parents of our community.


It was really fantastic to see the kids excited about choosing a backpack, and slinging it over their shoulder. It felt really great to hear the gratitude of the parents toward our OtterCares staff and our Otter volunteers, and how encouraging everyone was to the mass of students. It was really also fun to follow Ollie around! I have never witnessed so many high fives in such a short period of time.

It seems that Fall Semester, 2013, is already off to a good start.

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