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What are your resolutions for the New Year? I’m going to make an adventure calendar and do something creative every day. If you’re anything like me and live to explore, an adventure calendar is the perfect way to ensure you carve out time for things you want to accomplish throughout the year. Pick something you want to do, set a date and stick to it! It’s that simple. Also, I could be a little better about using that gym membership, too… Whatever you vow to do in 2015, do it with gusto. Pinterest makes it super easy to plan, decorate and celebrate for New Year’s.


DIY Crafts

New Year’s Eve should sparkle. As a celebration of all you accomplished this year, glitter and ribbon are a must. Here are a few of our favorite, sparkly ways to decorate:

Balloon False Ceiling

Sequin Confetti Poppers

Group Photo Props



Festive Foods

Be effervescent — cheers to the New Year with these fun foods:

Cake Pops

Cutest Cookies

Sparkling Jell-O



Resolutions can be intimidating. Make them fun. Make them achievable. And, use these creative ways to keep them:

Reminder Bracelet

Everyday Inspiration

Goal Tracker



There are so many inspiring ideas on Pinterest, and it’s really easy to use on my tablet — I love it. With the Agility Tablet System I bring my tablet everywhere, and pin and plan away.


Check out the OtterBox Holiday DIY board for more fun ideas — Happy New Year’s!





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