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If you’re like me, the Christmas season can stress you out. You get noisy relatives trooping through the house, shattering your precious peace and quiet and dragging you out into holiday traffic to purchase things that will hang in your closet until you can sneak them to GoodWill.  While Quantum Tunneling sounds good in theory, it’s probably not the best way to get from A to B. So, here are a couple more options that put your favorite device to use.

Waze:  Our very favorite GPS/Traffic App & Social Game. Waze gives you directions and monitors traffic conditions for others on the road at the same time. Waze is all about togetherness with your fellow drivers — after all, if we can’t commiserate over disgust of traffic, what can we agree on?

Inrix Traffic– the best feature of this app is the forecasting option. Pick any time within the next 8 hours and it will predict how long it will take you to reach your destination, using current & historical traffic data. The downside- they don’t actually give you turn by turn directions—but you probably don’t need directions anyway.

Sigalert– This app claims to save you time & money by featuring real-time road speeds, round-the-clock- traffic reports and the largest network of roadside traffic cameras in the U.S.

Or if you do get caught speeding due to heavy traffic, take a tip from Physicist Dmitri Krioukov and use math to prove how external forces caused the issue. Learn more about his paper entitled, The Proof of Innocence here.

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