Pocket-Friendly Protective Cases for Life on the Go

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It was a hectic drive into work this morning. The usually quiet side streets between my house and the office were once again filled with college students heading to class. Out of practice after a summer off, it seemed many were having a hectic morning.

Most were heavily laden with backpacks and arms full of coffee, phones, keys and books. Well, I’ve got a hint for all you busy students. Get an OtterBox case for your phone and carry it in your pocket. OtterBox cases are definitely known for protection, but maybe you didn’t know that we have a number of cases that deliver the level of protection you seek, plus fit great in the pocket of your cool new jeans.

Carry your phone in your pocket with a protective case that’s ready to protect against the bumps, dings and drops of campus life when you select a Symmetry Series or Commuter Series case.

Symmetry Series is a one-piece case that pops right onto your phone. It comes in a variety of colors and designs and delivers unmatched protection for a case of this kind.


Commuter Series is a two-piece case that has a slick exterior, making it easy to slide in and out of pockets. It also comes in a wallet version that carries your important cards — I.D., debit card and some cash — in a concealed drawer that snaps shut for security. This eliminates the need to carry a wallet or purse, plus leaves you prepped and ready to join in on whatever fun you run across anytime of the day or night.

Make your campus life existence easier and safer when you protect your phone with OtterBox Symmetry Series, Commuter Series and Commuter Series Wallet cases.

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