Living in a Post-PC Era

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With the introduction of Apple’s iPad tablet nearly two years ago, a small but growing revolution has emerged in the marketplace. To quantify the exponential growth of mobile computing through smartphones and tablets, research by Flurry shows that people are spending 94 minutes a day viewing mobile apps compared to 72 minutes surfing the web on a personal computer.

Still not convinced? Check out this video that captures the rise and fall of computer vendors over the last three or so decades.  A Brief History of Computing:

And while mobile computing for personal use is a virtual no-brainer, what remains to be seen is if companies and business professionals will also mirror the rapid adoption rate of the whenever and whatever devices.

It’s true that mobile computing untethers the user whether they are working from a client’s site or out on sales calls, but a number of questions still remain with regard to mobile operating systems as well as security issues.

Even so, the infrastructure surrounding mobile computing is helping to accelerate this shift from desktop to roaming office with advancement in virtualization and cloud computing and the accessibility of high-speed Internet access.  A great example of how infrastructure is freeing mobile computing is with Amazon Silk, a “cloud-based” web browser for the Kindle Fire that loads faster web pages by doing most of the processing on remote servers.

All of this has caught the attention of Chief Technology Officers and other executives who hold the purse strings for IT budgets. According to a recent ChangeWave survey, IT spend increased for the first time in three quarters from 10 percent to 16 percent. Although this is still considered a relatively small amount, it’s the largest uptick in two years.

How much of this increased spend will spill over into arming workforces with tablets remains to be seen, but if Apple CEO Tim Cook’s prediction is correct, then: “We are living in a post-PC era.”

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