Momma’s Gone City: Powering Through Summer

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This year marks the third summer that we’ve navigated through June and July with school-aged children who get to enjoy a couple of months of reprieve from standard curricular courses. Jack is going into third grade this fall, and Zoe will be starting second, so we have truly submerged ourselves into the elementary school life and what that means as far as time spent in public school. The kids and I all really appreciate the hiatus from curricular courses, rigorous schedules and, above all else, homework.


The summer months feel like one big extra curricular course for the two oldest kids out of four children total in our family. My husband and I try really hard to emphasize the importance of play as well as enticing them with activities that engage their curiosity and spark an interest in science and math by way of a really fun and active science camp. While our six-year-old daughter Zoe devotes much of her time practicing gymnastics moves throughout her day, it’s important to us to also add a balance of thought provoking experiments and activities during the science camp. For Jack, who is eight, it was an easy step and welcomed challenge and they both really enjoy it.



Last year was our first year in Little Guards, a junior lifeguard camp that lasts for four hours during the day, every single day of the week. The general goal is to build stamina, strength, confidence, and skill swimming in the ocean and maneuvering on the sand, a few abilities that we feel, as ocean city dwellers, are not only important but imperative for our children. The gains that they have made by being in this program are beyond my expectations, though, as the competitions that pit them against each other and themselves is something they’ve never experienced before and has showed them what it truly means to test their own endurance by pushing themselves at the same time as lifting up their peers. It’s teamwork and self-confidence training for them and, as a parent, watching them develop all of these crucial life tools through trial and error is a learning experience of the most unique and important variety.




The long days on the beach during the camp and competition days means that we are away from the usual amenities of modern civilization, specifically electricity and running water. Packed lunches and canteens are crucial for all of us, and making sure that I have a full battery on my phone is an integral part of my life as a parent and a working mother. While I am conscious not to cross over work life + parenting, inevitably I’ll need to respond to an email or text throughout the day, not to mention the ability to snap some pictures or videos of either my babies who are with me or the big kids competing is something that is important to me. I keep my phone safe and secure in the OtterBox Resurgence Case, which also has the ability to add a full new charge of battery life within the case itself. So, whether or not I am within range of a working outlet, I feel like my phone life needs are covered with this case no matter where I am.




We are all enjoying our summer vacation and I feel especially comforted by the lessons that my kids are learning in camp that don’t necessarily come during the normal programming of elementary school. I will treasure the memories from these long beach days forever, and am grateful for the photos that we’ll have to show to accompany the stories from Little Guards for years to come. I’m also grateful for the resources that make this all possible for all of our sakes.




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Jessica Shyba

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