Project Accessorize; Finding Ways to Express Yourself

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How do you turn a simple black dress into something nothing short of amazing? Accessories are your answer. Today, there are so many accessories in style. From statement necklaces to big rings, scarves, sunglasses and more. Accessories can dress a simple solid color dress up, or if you’re looking for something a bit more casual, dress it down.

If you’re especially a fan of fashion and lots of color, our newest Symmetry Series limited edition case, Brazilian Pop! is now available at Created in collaboration with Project Runway judge Nina Garcia, Brazilian Pop! is a runway-ready blend of designer fashion and premium protection. Inspired by Brazilian street art, this case reflects the movement with exploding color and patterns and is a great way to spice up any look. (To see more examples of this amazing Brazilian street art, check out our Nina Garcia board on Pinterest!)

“Brazilian Pop!’ is more than just a great case that protects phones,” said Garcia,” it reflects my passion for style.”

The great thing about accessories is that you really can do it at any budget. Sure, you want to invest in pieces that you’ll wear more frequently — timeless, legacy pieces that match your personal style.

Pinterest is a great place to get ideas and see what’s out there. Then when you’re shopping — spend time finding accessories that you like and see what you can do with them. Accessorizing well is truly an art and those who do it best show off their personality and always look dressed no matter what they’re wearing.


Here are a few more simple ideas on how you can get many outfits out of a simple black dress, monotone outfit or even just jeans and a plain colored shirt.

  1. Add colorful accessories — spice it up with colored bangles, other jewelry, a scarf and of course, the very colorful Brazilian Pop! Symmetry Series case by OtterBox.
  2. Add accessories of only one color — even jeans and a plain colored shirt can be much more interesting with jewelry, a scarf and a bag of the same color. Try it, you’ll be surprised.
  3. Add accessories that follow a theme — try adding accessories that have a vintage feel with an outfit. It may add an unexpected timeless style to an otherwise fairly unexciting look.

One cardinal rule of accessories — once you get the hang of it, remember not to overdo it. If you’re going for that layered look with multiple bangles or multiple necklaces, just go for one area of multiples. Otherwise your look can end up cluttered.

From belts, bangles, earrings and bracelets — the world is your oyster with accessorizing. Remember your phone case is also an expression of your personality and your taste. So go forth and accessorize! You can truly express yourself and look great doing it.

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